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W18OZ001 ZK 52P+26C
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Tomáš Jirout
Tomáš Jirout, Jan Skočilas
Tomáš Jirout, Jan Skočilas
Department of Process Engineering

Basics of engineering rheology and reometry. Ability to apply simple rheological constitutive equations in engineering applications. Description of rheological phenomena. Review of continuum mechanics. Constitutive equations of hyperelastic, viscous and viscoelastic materials. Viscometric and elongational flows. Flow in channels (RMW equation). Models of polymer melt and solution. Heat transfer in non-Newtonian fluids. Numerical methods for simulation of Newtonian and Non-newtonian fluids.

Syllabus of lectures:

Specification of project objectives focused on some of the following areas.

• Tensor description of dynamics and kinematics of large deformations and rate of deformation (strain rate invariants).

• Objective description of time changes (Jaumann derivative).

• Constitutive equations of hyperelastic materials based on the strain energy

• Constitutive equations GNF (generalized Newtonian fluid). Yield stress. Thixotropic fluids.

• Differential constitutive equations of viscoelastic fluids (such as Maxwell).

• Integral constitutive equations of viscoelastic fluids (type Boltzmann).

• Viscometric flows (flow in a pipe, rotary flows).

• Experimental methods for identification of constitutive equations in viscometric flows (oscillatory flow LAOS).

• Engineering Applications: Flows in tubes (RMW equation).

• Elongation flows. Fibre spinning and film blowing.

• Heat transfer in non-Newtonian fluids.

• Numerical methods for simulation of Newtonian and Non-newtonian fluids.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

•Bird, R.B., Stewart W.E., Lightfoot E.N.: Transport Phenomena, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2007. 928 p. ISBN 978-0470115398

•Malkin A. Y., Isayev A. I.: Rheology: Concepts, Methods, and Application, ChemTec Publishing, 2017. 500 p.

ISBN-13: 978-1927885215

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•Sobotka, Z.: Reologie hmot a konstrukcí. Praha: Academia, 1981.

•Wein O.: Úvod do reologie. FCH VUT v Brně, Brno 1996.

•Ayas M., Skočilas J., Jirout T.: A practical method for predicting the friction factor of power-law fluids in a

rectangular duct, Chemical Engineering communication, 2019.

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