Experimental Techniques in Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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W12OZ001 ZK 39P+39C
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Jiří Polanský, Michal Schmirler
Jiří Polanský, Michal Schmirler
Jiří Polanský, Michal Schmirler
Department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics

• Measurement of Primary Quantities. Material Properties Measurement: Density, Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension of Liquids, Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity, Diffusion, Electric and Magnetic Parameters of Liquids and Gases

• Pressure Measurement Systems: Measurement of Pressure with Wall Tappings, Static Tubes, Pressure-Sensitive Paint

• Velocity, Vorticity, and Mach Number measurement: Pressure-Based Velocity Measurements, Thermal Anemometry, ParticleBased Techniques, Molecular Tagging Velocimetry, Vorticity, Thermal Transient Anemometer, Sonic Anemometry/Thermometry

• Density-Based Techniques: Density, Refractive Index, and Optical Flow Visualization, Schlieren Method, Moiré Deflectometry, Interferometry, Optical Tomography

• Temperature and Heat Flux

• Measurements of Surface Heat Transfer Characteristics

• Using Infrared Imaging, Temperature Measurement via Absorption, Light Scattering and Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Transition Detection by Temperature-Sensitive Paint

• Flow Visualization: Aims and Principles of Flow Visualization, Visualizations of Flow Structures and Flow Direction, Visualization of Free Surface Flows

• Wall-Bounded Flows: Measurement of Wall Shear Stress, Boundary-Layer Stability and Transition

• Flow Measurement Techniques in Turbomachinery: Optical and Non-Optical Measurement Techniques

• Analysis and Post-Processing of Data: Fourier Transform, Correlation Function, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Conditional Averages and Stochastic Estimation, Wavelet Transforms

• Particle Image Velocimetry in detail

• Physical and Technical Background: Tracer Particles, Particle Generation, Light Sources, Light Delivery, Imaging of Particles, Sensor Technology for Digital Image Recording

• Recording Techniques for PIV

• Mathematical Background of PIV Evaluation

• Image Evaluation Methods for PIV

• PIV Uncertainty and Measurement Accuracy

• Post-processing of PIV Data

• Stereoscopic PIV, Micro-PIV

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Study materials:

• Cameron Tropea , Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Springer, 2007, ISBN: 0387233792

• Markus Raffel et al., Particle Image Velocimetry: A Practical Guide, Springer, 2018, ISBN: 3319688510

• Jaime Klapp, Selected Topics of Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics Springer, 2015, ISBN: 978-3-319-11486-6

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• G. Cavvazini The Particle Image Velocimetry - Chars., Limits, Poss. Applns., Intech ,2012, ISBN: 978-953-51-0625-8

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