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Project Technology Management

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K16E2202 ZK 6 20B English
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Marek Jemala
Marek Jemala
Marek Jemala
Institute of Management Studies

Technology project management means not only decisions about one's own technological research, innovative cooperation, or technology transfer. Technological innovations, especially in production, have long tied up company resources, and poor decisions can pose significant financial problems for most companies. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the preparatory, implementation, and commercial activities of technology management in a more comprehensive form. Technology project management is more goal-oriented, time-bound, and has a project organizational structure and budget. After completing the course, students should answer the following framework topics: define the nature, importance, and key functions of project technology management with a focus on the analysis of technological trends, risks, and opportunities, innovation radar, and technology assessment. Explain the relationships of business management to the development of the product, production, and service technologies. Characterize the process of technological forecasts, foresight, and creation of the technology strategy of the company. Explain creating a project plan for implementing new technology. Clarify the importance of the necessary protection of technological intellectual property and the need to commercialize their own technologies at the level of industry, region, or state.


Continuous assessment of student work during the semester includes:

Write a seminar paper on a selected topic (suitable within the focus of lectures and seminars of the subject) for example on specific technology innovation based on the Project approach to increase the efficiency of production processes. The required length of seminar work min. 15 pages. Citation according to ISO 690. The deadline for submitting the final version is by the end of the teaching period. Delivery takes place via e-mail.


Exercise activities: max. 10 points

Seminar work: max. 30 points

Exam: max 60 points

Syllabus of lectures:


Introduction to technology change and Project technology management

Integration of Project management and technology innovation

Strategic aspects of Project technology management

Technology analysis and technology radar

Technology assessment based on the project approach

Technology innovation forecasting and foresight

Technology planning and Roadmapping

Technology Intellectual Property Protection

Open technology cooperation and innovation

Project technology transfer

Technology management assessment and control

Technology marketing and network externalities

Institutional support for technology research and innovation

Syllabus of tutorials:


1-2. Management of technological innovation projects

3. How to build a simple technology business using a project plan?

4. How to define the role and responsibilities of the technology manager?

5-6. Identification and analysis of technological trends, risks, and company capacities

7. Identification of participants in project technological innovation

8. Ensuring the competitiveness of innovation projects through appropriate objectives

9-10. How to define the scope of a technological project and compile a division of labor plan?

11. How can Benchmarking and Roadmapping be used in an innovation project?

12. Determining costs and resources for technological innovation

13. Presentation of seminar projects

Study Objective:
Study materials:

• CETINDAMAR, D. - PHAAL, R. [2017]: Technology Management: Activities and Tools. Red Globe Press; 2nd edition, ASIN: B07WTW5VVK.

• KERZNER, H. [2022]: Innovation Project Management: Methods, Case Studies, and Tools for Managing Innovation Projects. Wiley, 2nd. edition, ISBN-10: ‎ 111993124X.

• NICHOLAS, J. M. - STEYN, H. [2020]: Project Management for Engineering, Business, and Technology. Routledge; 6th edition, ASIN: B08D2XHBD4.

• JEMALA, M. [2010]: Manažment technologických systémov. Identifikácia a prípadové štúdie. Ekonóm: Bratislava, ISBN: 978-80-225-3120-7.

• JEMALA, M. [2014]: Technology identification: How to bring technology innovation to life? Scholars' Press: Saarbrücken, SRN, ISBN: 978-3-639-71044-1.

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