Introduction to Quantum Technologies

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Ivan Richter
Ivan Richter
Department of Physical Electronics

The class is devoted to the introduction of the complex multibranch problematics of quantum technologiesand their specific fields, with respect to synergyand interconnections. Specific lectures representintroductory basic overview of specific fields of quantum technologieswhich are followed with specialized selected courses within the group B. After introduction and motivation, the lecture is devoted to theoretical fundamentals of quantum technologies: quantum and mathematical physicsfor description of effects occuring in quantum technologies, quantum information theory, quantum solid state theory. In the second part, specific platforms of quantum technologies-quantum optics, quantum nanostructures, etc. The third part concentrates on preparation technologies and methods of characteristization of quantum nanostructures. Finally, overview of applications of quantum technologiesis discussed, together with the presentationsof student projects on selected topics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.General introduction – motivation, field of quantum technology, connection to other fields, specification, classification

2.Introduction to theoretical fundamentals of quantum technologies -quantum and mathematical physics, matematical methods, methodology, overview of approaches

3.Introduction toquantum information theory -methodology, overview of approaches

4.Introduction to quantum theory of solid state matter-methodology, overview of approaches

5.Overviewof specific platforms of quantum technologies –quantum optics, quantum nanostructures

6.Overview of preparation technologies and methods of characteristization of quantum nanostructures

7.Overview of applications of quantum technologies

8.Presentation of student projectson selected topics, recent developments in the fields of quantum technologies

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key references:

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[7] Manijeh Razeghi: Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering. Kluwer 2002.

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