Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

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BVB31UBI KZ 3 2P+1C+3D Czech
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Garant předmětu:
Michal Novotný
Jan Holub, Petr Ježdík, Jiří Kléma, Jan Kybic, Michal Novotný
Vratislav Fabián, Jan Havlík, Petr Ježdík, Michal Novotný
Department of Circuit Theory

The course presents the basics of biomedical engineering and provides illustrative examples of projects performed by the faculty teams.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Bioengineering: General, historicalc a ethical frame of biomedicalengineering

2.Medical devices:Design of medical devices

3.Medical devices: Biological signals and their analysis

4.Medical devices: Diagnostics

5.Diagnostics: Neurodegenerative diseases

6.Diagnostics: Analysis of the epileptogenic activity

7.Diagnostics: Medical image processing

8.Diagnostics: Bioinformatics and datamining

9.Diagnostics: Genetics for neuroengineering

10.Medical devices: Therapy

11.Therapy: Epileptosurgery commented surgery recording

12.Medical devices: Prosthetics and wearables

13.Personal experience of the absolovents

14.Medical devices: Models

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Practical seminar: Medical devices

2. Practical seminar: Devices for rehabilitation

3. Practical seminar: Special medical devices

4. Excursion I / Video-presentation

5. Excursion II / Video-presentation

6. Practical seminar: RTG a CT of bio materials

Study Objective:

•To understand the roles of the biomedical engineer in the research, healthcare, and private sector

•To fit he field into a historical and ethical perspective

•To describe and define different technical aspects of the biomedical engineering

•To have an insight into the projects of the teams from the faculty

Study materials:

[1]Rozman, J. (2006) Elektronické přístroje v lékařství. Praha. Academia, Česká matice technická, č. spisu 494, roč. 111. ISBN 80-200-1308-3.

[2]Enderle, J. D., & Bronzino, J. D. (2012). Introduction to biomedical engineering (3rd ed.). Burlington, Mass.: Academic Press.

[3]Bronzino, J., Peterson, D. (2015). Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals. Boca Raton: CRC Press, https://doi.org/10.1201/b15482 (dostupné jako ebook na stránkách Ústřední knihovny ČVUT)

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