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15TLA ZK 1 1P
Garant předmětu:
Viliam Múčka
Jan Bárta, Viliam Múčka
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

This course focuses on basic properties of solid materials resulting from their crystalline structure and on characterization of solid materials through the application of X-rays. The first part of the course involves introduction to crystallography, chemical bonds in solids, crystal structure and its description, symmetry elements and operations, and crystal space groups as well as the description of different X-ray types based on their production mechanism, and methods for their detection. In the second part, theory of X-ray diffraction is explained, incl. Bragg’s law of diffraction, X-ray diffraction instrumentation, various measurements methods such as Laue’s method, rotating crystal method and powder diffraction, determination of lattice parameters, and Hull-Davey nomograms. The last part covers applications of diffraction methods including phase identification, quantitative analysis, determination of various physico-chemical properties using diffraction methods, measurements under non-standard conditions and also the principles of electron and neutron diffraction.


Fundamentals of physics and physical chemistry

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Types of chemical bonds in solid materials.

2.Unit cell and crystal / lattice systems.

3.Crystal lattice and Miller indices.

4.Origin of X-rays and their detection.

5.Bragg`s law.

6.Diffraction lines and indexing.

7.Powder diffraction and structure factor.

8.Laue method, rotating crystal method.

9.Debye-Scherrer method, instrumentation.

10.Determination of lattice parameters.

11.Phase identification and quantitative analysis.

12.Determination of some physico-chemical properties.

13.Electron and neutron diffraction

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

To make students acquainted with basic principles of X-ray diffraction and its applications

Study materials:

Key Literature:

1.C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk, H. Schenk: International Tables for Crystallography, Volume H: Powder diffraction, 1st Ed., Wiley, New Jersey, 2019

2.V. K. Pecharsky, P. Y. Zavalij: Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials, 2nd Ed., Springer, Berlin, 2009

Recommended Literature:

3.M. I. Aroyo: International Tables for Crystallography, Volume A: Space-group Symmetry, 6th Ed., Wiley, New Persey, 2016

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