Production management I.

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2381133 Z,ZK 4 2P+2C Czech
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Michal Kavan
Michal Kavan
Michal Kavan, Václav Michalec
Department of Management and Economics

The course is project oriented on logical solution of concrete, related and typical production-management tasks. This corresponds to the way of teaching in the course and the conditions for its successful completion. The course focuses on the prevailing modern philosophies and approaches of building a productive production system of the company. The course is devoted to the right process of production strategy creation and production planning based on forecasting, management of non-productive capital tied in production, inventory management and aggregate scheduling.


Prerequisite knowledge: Completion of the course: Management and business economics.

Requirements for students:

Processing of all assigned tasks, their presentation and defense of the solution.

Elaboration of semestral work.

Obtaining at least 50% of continuous tests.

Prescribed course attendance.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Course objectives, structure and tasks. The role of production manager. Basic elements of operational management. His goal and current trends.

2.Characteristics of production, basic tasks of modern production management, development tendencies.

3.Business management of production activities, modern production strategy.

4.Technical development of the company, change management in production.

5.Productivity characteristics and capacity scheduling.

6.Facility Layout.

7.Line Balancing.

8.Principles of Toyota's production systém.

9.Economics in production system management.

10.Technical preparation of new production, innovation management.

11.Designing a smooth production flow.

12.Scheduling of production processes and process management.

13.Conclusion, recapitulation of the main message of the course, summary of basic knowledge and discussion on the content and benefits of the course.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introduction to the course program. Rules of work before exercise and on exercise. Creation of teams for semestral work.

2.Calculations accompanying a break-even point, produce or cooperate.

3.Business calculations leading to internationalization of production strategy.

4.Industry Implementation Seminar 4.0.

5.Calculation of productivity and capacity schedules of production.

6.Facility Layout calculations.

7.Examples of Line Balancing.

8.Kanban calculations.

9.Economic calculations for production system control.

10.Calculations of price calculations and technical preparation of new production, innovations.

11.Preparation of a smooth production flow project.

12.Calculations in VSM value flow mapping.

13.Conclusion, recapitulation of the main message of the course, summary of basic knowledge and discussion on the content and benefits of the course.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to teach students how to manage production and operational management in a productive and practical way. Students are acquainted with the basics of design and technological preparation of product innovation. It develops students' technical knowledge, acquainting them with the latest innovations in production technologies. At the same time they teach students important managerial skills. The acquired knowledge is well applicable in solving practical problems in diploma theses and in employment not only in industry. Teaching suitably integrates knowledge of a number of related managerial and technical subjects. At the same time it responds to current requirements of business practice and foreign cooperation of EU countries.

Study materials:

Kavan, M.: Production Management I., CTU 1999, ISBN 80-01-02068-1.

Kavan M.: Production and Operations Management, Grada Publishing, 2002. ISBN 80-247-0199-5.

Kavan M.: Production Management, CTU, 2006. ISBN 80-01-03445-3.

Henk Zijm, Matthias Klumpp, Alberto Regattieri, Sunderesh Heragu: Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Springer 2019, 978-3-319-92446-5, 978-3-319-92447-2.

Time-table for winter semester 2023/2024:
Kavan M.
(lecture parallel1)
Karlovo nám.
Konzultační místnost U12138
Michalec V.
(lecture parallel1
parallel nr.101)

Karlovo nám.
Učebna 12138
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