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Internship II.

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F7PMBOP2 Z 2 2XT Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Kudrna
Department of Biomedical Technology

Professional Practice II complements the practical part of the Biomedical Engineering programme and directly follows the practice implemented between the first and second semesters within the Professional Practice I block.

Practical training in the second block can continue in a medical facility or can take place at other departments of organisations dealing with administrative issues in the field of biomedical engineering, e.g. at the Electrotechnical Testing Institute or the State Office for Drug Control, etc.

During the internship, the student will get acquainted with legislative and administrative processes that are directly related to the activity of a biomedical engineer: the issue of selection procedures and the choice of technical parameters of medical equipment for the needs of the selection procedure, participation in the evaluation of selection procedures, etc. An essential part of the professional practice II is at least 10 hours in the field of medical devices and measuring instruments registration, especially with emphasis on orientation in database systems used in healthcare and at least 10 hours of familiarisation with information systems, NIS, KIS, PACS and patient data security issues. This may include participation in auditing activities, analysis of adverse events in connection with medical technology, etc.


Requirements for credit: 100% attendance, absences must be made up in another term, confirmation of the completed internship by the relevant department, submitted internship report.

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