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Internship I.

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F7PMBOP1 Z 2 2 XT Czech
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Petr Kudrna
Petr Kudrna
Department of Biomedical Technology

Professional Practice I complements the practical part of the Biomedical Engineering programme. Students get to know in practice and in more detail the activities and work of a biomedical engineer in medical institutions, specifically in routine clinical operation.

The professional practice is designed so that the student spends at least 30 hours in practice in health care facilities at workplaces using diagnostic medical devices including imaging methods, at least 20 hours at workplaces using therapeutic medical devices and at least 10 hours at workplaces using laboratory medical devices. The work experience shall also include at least 5 hours in the technical and operational section, focusing on medical gases, compressor stations and back-up power supplies, and 5 hours in the metrology section.

During the internship, the student will get acquainted with processes and procedures that are directly related to the daily activities of a biomedical engineer with activity in clinical operation: the issue of evaluating failures of medical devices and technologies, including corrective solutions, implementation of regular calibration or verification of measuring instruments, implementation of regular safety and technical checks of medical devices, acceptance of delivered medical equipment including the necessary documentation, etc.


Requirements for credit: 100% attendance, absences must be made up in another term, confirmation of the completed internship by the relevant department, submitted internship report.

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