Microscopy and Phase Analysis of Construction Materials

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D32MFA_EN ZK 2P English
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Lubomír Kopecký
Lubomír Kopecký, Zdeněk Prošek
Department of Mechanics

Fundamentals of transmission a reflexion optical microscopy. Polarization of light and its application in the phase study of the materials. The sample preparation for microscopical research.

Fundamentals of scannig electron microscopy and microanalysis. Electron sources and eletron interaction with matter, detection of secondary signals and interpretation of secondary emissions. Scannig (SEM) a transmission electron microscopy (TEM), elementary microanalysis (EDS/WDS) a electron diffraction (BESD-O.I.M.). The outline of the most applications SEM, ESEM, EDS, WDS, O.I.M). Implementation of SEM and EDS in material research. The sample preparation.

X-ray phase diffraction and structural analysis. The fundamentals of XRD analysis and its application in the structural and phase exploration of construction materials. Phase identiffication, preffered orientational textural arangement and XRD textural analysis of stress and deformation. The sample preparation.


1. Basal orienation in zhe subject.

2. Basal knowledge of physical principles of individual methods.

3. Know - how of application of proper method for investigation.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The fundamental knowldge of the methods enables to students to found the way for structural, mineralogical a chemical composition of given material. The aim of lectures is good oriantation in fruitfull data obtained by microscopics methods.

Study materials:

Ekertová, L.- Frank, L. (2003): Metody analýzy povrchů. - Elektronová mikroskopie a difrakce. - ACADEMIA.

Kraus, Ivo (2003): Struktura a vlastnosti krystalů. ACADEMIA.

Král, J - Frank, L. (2003): Metody analýzy povrchů - Iontové a speciální metody. - ACADEMIA.

Dudek, A.- Palivová B. - Fediuk F. (1962): Petrografické tabulky.- NČSAV Praha.

Hejtman, B. - Konta, J. (1959): Horninotvorné minerály. - Nakl. ČSAV.

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