Safety Regulations and Standards in Electrical Engineering

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F7PBBBOZP Z 1 1P Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Kudrna
Petr Kudrna, Jan Remsa
Petr Kudrna
Department of Biomedical Technology

Safety and Health protection during work; the role of the biomedical technician in clinical practice; risk-determining effects; patient environment; medical isolated system; electric shock; types of distribution systems; protection classes; electrical inspections; regulations and standards; work with lasers


Requirement 1: Successful completion of a written test on the subject of competence to work on electrical equipment and competence in electrical engineering. (Written test with a/b/c type answers, with one or more correct answers. Successful completion with a score of 80 %).

P2. Successful completion of a written test on laser safety according to EN 60825. Written test type a/b/c with one or more correct answers.

No credit will be given if either or both of the above tests are unsuccessfully attempted.

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Syllabus of lectures:

1. Health and safety in general. OSH at FBMI CTU. Specifics of the profession of biomedical technician and specifics of the environment of medical facilities.

2. Factors determining the risk of electric shock, symbolism and marking in electrical engineering - colors, geometric shape, inscriptions, examples of tables, graphic signs, marking wires with letters and color marking of wires in electrical engineering.

3. Distribution systems, alternating nominal voltages according to ČSN, specifics in medical facilities.

4. Maximum values ​​of allowed current, protection of electrical circuits against short circuit and overload. Projection of educational video programs (work on electrical equipment).

5. Safety of electrical and electronic objects - classes of protection, regular inspections and revisions of electrical appliances (including medical devices) and electric hand tools, important standards. Projection of educational video programs (inspections and revisions of electric hand tools).

6. Relationship between legal and electrical regulations, risks and causes of accidents in

electrical engineering, Government Decree on requirements for professional competence to work on electrical equipment and for professional competence in electrical engineering, first aid for electric shock. Projection of educational video programmes (emergency resuscitation, AED).

7. Health and safety and principles of first aid when working with lasers.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to provide students with an overview of health and safety at work (OSH) and related standards in electrical engineering in relation to the protection of patients or medical staff from electric shock. Part of the course is also training and examination in the form of a test on the issues of selected paragraphs and standards EN 60825 - Health and safety when working with lasers.

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Kudrna P.
Remsa J.

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Kladno FBMI
C1, Velký sál
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