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20th Century Architecture

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D29CAR ZK 2P English
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Zdeněk Lukeš
Zdeněk Lukeš, Josef Záruba Pfeffermann
Department of Architecture

The course consists lectures, one two-hour block per week.

The lectures are devoted to key works of modern architecture, as well as its theory. Urban planning and socio-economic aspects of industrial development is also discussed.


The exam takes place in written form

The teacher is entitled to an individual consultation

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Theoretical foundations of modernist architectural concepts in the 19th century

2. Main representatives of interwar functionalism

3. The postmodern movement. The lecturer outlines the rivalry and intermingling of modernist and traditionalist currents

4. Great architecture of the 20th century Presentation of characteristic features and important buildings in their specific cultural, national and author's adaptations.

5. Great architecture of the 20th century II

6. Great architecture of the 20th century III

7. Great architecture of the 20th century IV

8. Socialist realism

9. Postmodernism,

10. Late modernist architecture,

11. High-tech,

12. Deconstructivism, summary and conclusion

Syllabus of tutorials:

no workshhops are held in this class

Study Objective:

A critical approach to modern and contemporary architecture.

Presentation of the greatest works of relevant architects on a global scale.

Insight into the theoretical questions of modern and contemporary architecture.

Study materials:

Frampton: Modern architecture. Critical History, Oxford University Press, 1980

William Curtis: Modern Architecture since 1900, J. R Publication 1996

Šlapeta: Czech Functionalism 1918-1938. AA London 1987

Hal Foster, The Art-architecture Complex. London: Verso, 2011

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