Advanced Methods in Watershed Management

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D43PMOP_EN ZK 2P English
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Tomáš Dostál
Tomáš Dostál
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

The subject is focused on understanding and training in description and quantification of basic hydrological processes within the catchment (relations between rainfall – retention – runoff – transport – deposition) concerned to water, solid particles and dissolved pollutants. Student will examine listed relations within selected catchment, will apply various mathematical models and methods and will try to determine critical hot spots within the catchment. Further he will search for various ways of compensation, will quantify the effect of applicable control measures and will compare expenses related to benefits. Questions of effectiveness – bot of functional and economic will be discussed, to reach consensus concerning of feasibility and applicability in real conditions.

To determine recent situation within the catchment, student will apply modern experimental techniques, tools and setups, allowing monitoring of current status of soil, vegetation, water regime and further parameters of locality. The subject is oriented practically and will conclude knowledge from previous theoretical subjects, focused on individual processes, their measurement and description on theoretical level. If there are more students within the group, team work will be preferred with focus on various processes, activities and land-use and landscape exploitation types.

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Povinná literatura:

•Boardman, J., Poessen, J., 2006. Soil Erosion in Europe. John Willey et Sons, Ltd. ISBN 9780470859100

•Relevant papers published within Journals indexed in Web of Science.

Doporučená literatura:

•Matlock, M., D., Morgan, R., A., 2011. Ecological engineering design – restoring and conserving ecosystem services. J.Wiley and Sons, Inc. ISBN 978-0-470-34514-6

•Mishra, K., S., Singh, V., P., 2003. Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) Methodology. Springer. ISBN 978-90-481-6225-3

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