Physical Modelling in Hydraulic

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D42FMH_EN ZK 1P+1C English
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Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Department of Hydraulic Structures

A scale modelling in hydraulic engineering, choice of optimal methodology. The theory of similarity of complex hydrodynamic phenomena, scaling laws. Boundary condition modelling. Measuring techniques and measurement methods. Processing results. Aerodynamic models. Similarity theory, methods and measurement techniques. Methods of analogy, continuous, differential, structural and hybrid analogy. Methods of investigation of hydraulic phenomena „in situ“.


Defence of a seminar paper on a given topic. The content of the seminar paper is a critical literature search, a description of the methodology of solution and an analysis of the results of an individual or team task. Submission of the seminar paper in electronic form, oral presentation and defence.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Similarity theory of hydrodynamic phenomena.

2. Methodology and technique of hydraulic model research.

3. Laboratory equipment and measurement methods.

4. Model research on pressure flow.

5. Model research on river courses and open channels.

6. Model research on hydraulic structures.

7. Research on in-situ objects

Syllabus of tutorials:

Measurement and evaluation of quantities on physical models in the laboratory.

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to learn the basic methods used for the design of hydraulic models, measurement of quantities and their evaluation.

Study materials:

Doporučená literatura:

•Novak, P., Moffat, A.I.B., Nalluri, C., Narayanan, R.: Hydraulic Structures. Fourth Edition. Taylor & Francis, London, 2007.

•Novak, P., Cabelka, J.: Models in hydraulic engineering: physical principles and design applications. Pitman Publishing. Boston, 1981.

•Vries, M.: Scale Models in Hydraulic Engineering. International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering. Delft, 1982.

•Journal of Hydraulic Research

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