Multiphase Flows

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D41VPR_EN ZK 2P English
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Václav Matoušek
Václav Matoušek
Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology

The course aims to provide advanced knowledge of two- and three-phase flows (a combination of phases: liquid – solids (particles) gas) with applications in pressurized pipes and open channels. Fundamental principles are discussed of flow of mixture with particular attention paid to mechanisms governing behaviour of mixture flow (dispersion, sedimentation, boundary friction and inner friction, including effects of Newtonian and non-Newtonian carrier). Theories and on theories based predictive models are introduced and their application demonstrated on practical case studies of e.g. pumping and transport of sludge in technological processes, hydraulic transport of solids in pipelines and launders, or sediment transport in rivers and streams. Also discussed are examples of computation of multiphase flows in commercial software including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. In the course, each student submits his/her seminar work on a chosen subject.


no prerequisites

Syllabus of lectures:

Properties of phases (gas, liquid, solids) and their mixtures.

Conservation laws in multiphase flows.

Transport phemonena.

Kinetic theory of granular flow.

Mathematical modelling - approaches and strategies

Physical modelling - experimental work and model similitude

Application: hydraulic transport of solids in Newtonian carrier through pipelines

Application: hydraulic transport of solids in non-Newtonian carrier through pipelines

Application: pumping of Newtonian and non-Newtonian mixtures

Application: sediment transport in open channels

Application: air-liquid flow or air-solids flow in pressurized pipe

Application: fluidation

Syllabus of tutorials:

No exercises included.

Study Objective:

Understanding of fundamental principles and governing mechanisms of multiphase flows. Solving of engineering problems involving two-phase or three-phase flows.

Study materials:

Povinná literatura:

•BRENNER, Christopher, E. Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow. Cambridge University Press, ©2005. 410 s. ISBN 0-521-84804-0.

•GARCIA, Marcelo, H., ed. Sedimentation Engineering: Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice. ASCE, ©2008. 1132 s. ISBN 0-784-40814-9.

•Relevant articles in technical journals

Doporučená literatura:

•CROWE, Clayton T. Multiphase Flow Handbook. CRC Press, ©2005. 1156 s. ISBN 1-420-04047-2.

•WILSON, Kenneth, C., ADDIE, Graeme, C., SELLGREN, A. a Ronald CLIFT. Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps. Springer Science & Business Media, ©2006. 432 s. ISBN 0-387-23263-X.

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