Hydraulics of Structures

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D41HYO_EN ZK 1P+1C English
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Aleš Havlík
Aleš Havlík
Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology

In the subject students will be introduced into the problems of hydraulics of objects on watercourses with special focus on the issue of flood flow.

In the case of the culvert the study will focus especially on highlighting the difference of attitude to the solution of the loss at the inlet into the culvert with the free surface water flow and the pressure regime. The study will also focused on the spatial course of the water level after the inlet into the culvert during the free surface water flow, the problems of the leaping water jump behind the culvert inlet and the depth of water in the case of influenced water flow in the culvert and the approaches to the determination of loss on the outflow from the culvert under the pressure flow in the culvert. The course will also focused on the bridge hydraulics with centre pillars, comparison of approaches based on application of the Bernoulli equation and theorem of momentum, flow around pillar and the wreck formation, bridge hydraulics when flooding the upper face of the bridge, the size narrowed depth under the bridge deck under this regime, the problem of influencing this regime by the lower water flow.

Another part of the study will be devoted to the problem of overflowing over a weir or broad crown when flooding with lower water, especially at its high level.

Students will be acquainted with the results of research on both physical and 3D mathematical models.

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•Hamill, L. Bridge Hydraulics. E&FN SOPN, London, © 1999 Les Hamill, ISBN 0 419 20570 5.

•Bradleey, J., N. : Hydraulics of Bridge Waterways, FWWA, Bridge Division, 1978

•Normann, J.M., Houghhtalen, R., J., Johnston, W., J.: Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts, 1985 FWA, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1985,

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