Urbanistic Structures – Urbanity and Sustainability

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D27USUU_EN ZK 2C English
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Jiří Kupka
Jiří Kugl, Jiří Kupka
Jiří Kugl
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The subject develops the knowledge of significant properties of urban structures, which are evident in the quality of urban environment and in the assumptions of sustainable development of cities. It is actually urbanity caused by the arrangement and form of housing development and simultaneously urbanity caused by lifestyle of inhabitants, or more precisely by stimulation of social functions. An important sphere of problems are therefore the public places, their urban quality and typological traditions, perceived by users and giving possibilities of grasping the space as well as identification with the space. The attention will be also paid to the aspects of sustainable development of cities, which is connected both with ecological and urban requirements – for the economical and considerate treatment with the territory and minimization of environmental burdens influenced by the development tendencies. An important topic of the landscape problems of a town are the questions of green infrastructure of a town and particularly urban spaces as a part of residential greenery systems and their functions in the city landscape. The students will carry out an analysis of particular town territories, identification of qualitative features of urban environment and interpretation of their meanings for sustainability of urban structure development and for the quality of urban environment.

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