Cultural Landscape and Characteristic Features of its Individuality

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D27KKZI_EN ZK 2C English
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Jiří Kupka
Jiří Kupka
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The subject develops a question of individuality of the landscape character as an important idea of the landscape quality conception according to the European Landscape Convention. An idea of individual qualities of the landscape is consequently projected into the tools of territorial and landscape planning. Therefore the attention will be paid to the features of identity of historic cultural landscapes as evidences of cultural-historic and economic conditions of periods of development, the analysis of historic maps and their interpretation from the hypothetical visual expression of the landscape structure point of view, analysis of historic iconographic basic documents and identification of characteristic typological features. The final view is focused on the image of the current landscape – identification of attributes of individual historic periods of transformations of the landscape picture of the Czech landscape, which aims to searching the features of identity of the current cultural landscape and its individual types. The students will analyze particular landscapes from the standpoint of the presence of features of the character individuality in their development and at present and will analyze the collected results, interpret their meaning and propose their use in the tools of territorial and landscape planning.

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