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Experimental Methods in Hygrothermal Protection of Buildings

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D24EXM ZK 1P+1C English
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Jan Tywoniak
Jiří Novák, Kamil Staněk, Jan Tywoniak
Jiří Novák, Kamil Staněk, Jan Tywoniak
Department of Architectural Engineering

The main goal of the course is to acquaint students with test methods which are used for evaluation of real acoustic properties of building elements, buildings and sound sources. Students will acquire the basics of measurements of airborne and impact sound insulation, noise from service equipment and room acoustical parameters.

This course is freely related to the course „Calculation methods in building and room acoustics“, but it focuses on measurements of acoustic properties of building elements and buildings. The course is divided into three areas: sound insulation in buildings, noise of building service equipment and room acoustics. Within each part, students will learn about one or two topics. For sound insulation in buildings it means measurements of airborne and impact sound insulation between rooms. Noise from service equipment is focused on sound power levels of sound sources and sound pressure levels in rooms and room acoustics is devoted to the measurement of reverberation time. Basic principles of test methods are the content of lectures, while the seminars are focused on the application of acquired knowledge and practical experience. Students will provide measurements with modern equipment, which includes sound analyzer, special sound sources for building and room acoustics and sound intensity measurement system.

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