Water Resources Systems

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D42VSO ZK 1P+1C Czech
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Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Objects of the course are stochastic and system methods of solution of reservoirs and water resources systems. Includes probability concepts for solution of storage and flood control capacity of reservoirs, optimization problems in system design and management, real-time management issues including the use of mathematical models. Control theory and its applications. Linear programming, nonlinear programming, dynamic programming. Multi-criteria optimization. Mathematical models for system control (especially simulation models, adaptive and learning models), use of modern real-time management technologies (expert systems), water management dispatching issues, system management in new economic conditions.


Defence of a seminar paper on a given topic. The content of the seminar paper is a critical literature search, a description of the methodology of solution and an analysis of the results of an individual or team task. Submission of the seminar paper in electronic form, oral presentation and defence.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basics of algorithm development and programming.

2. System methods. Linear programming, non-linear programming, dynamic programming.

3. Multi-criteria optimization.

4. Modelling the impacts of climate change on water resources.

5. Probabilistic methods in time series theory. Synthetic series modelling in a system of profiles. Precipitation generators.

6. Risk analysis.

7. Adaptive and learning models.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Basics of algorithm development and programming. Matlab.

2. Optimization of dispach reservoir control.

3. Adaptation model to climate change.

4. Use of continuous simulation to optimize flood runoff management.

5. Use of continuous simulation to optimize reservoir management during hydrological drought.

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to learn fundamental system and probabilistic methods used for conceptual tasks of design and control of water management systems.

Study materials:

Doporučená literatura:

•Karamouz, M., Szidarowszky, F., Zahraie, B.: Water Resources Systems Analysis. Lewis Publishers, 2003.

•Votruba, L.: Analysis of Water Resource Systems. SNTL – Publishers of Technical Literature. Elsevier, 1988.

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