Theory and Behaviour of Hydraulic Structures

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D42TCK ZK 1P+1C Czech
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Ladislav Satrapa
Miroslav Brouček, Ladislav Satrapa
Miroslav Brouček, Ladislav Satrapa
Department of Hydraulic Structures

The introductory part of the course is devoted to the approximation of loads (action of water, gravity, temperature changes, soil and rock, seismic effects, etc.) and the corresponding response of structures. In addition, the remodelling of massive structures together with the subsoil is studied due to the wide application of massive structures as part of water structures. The detailed focus is also on earth and rock embankment structures, concrete structures and steel structures. Due to the frequent occurrence of vibrations on water works structures (especially technology), students will be introduced to the effects and analysis of seismicity, dynamic stresses and fatigue of water works structures. Principles of problem formulation, boundary conditions and solution options will be presented for predicting structural behaviour and back analysis, with particular focus on behavioural models - linear, plane and spatial problems. To approach the issue of operational uncertainties, the possibilities of applying reliability theory in the analysis of the behaviour of water structures will be described, both for building structures and technological elements or systems.


previous study

Syllabus of lectures:

analysis of three tasks related to the topic and focus of the PhD student's doctoral studies

Syllabus of tutorials:

analysis of three assignments (identical to the lecture) related to the topic and focus of the PhD student's doctoral studies

Study Objective:

To teach students how to analyse the behaviour of structures in a complex concept from loading through the response of the structure as a whole and in its parts to the assessment of operational reliability. The study focuses on solid and steel structures in specific application to water works.

Study materials:

Obligatory literature:

•Vischer D.L., Hager W.H.: Dam Hydraulics. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1998. 316 s. ISBN 0 471 97289 4

•Fell R., MacGregor P., Stapledon D., Bell G.: Geotechnical Engineering of Dams. A.A. Balkema Publishers Leiden, 2005. 912 s. ISBN 04 1536 440 x

•Saxena K.R., Sharma V.M.:Dams Incidents and Accidents. Taylor & Francis, 2005. 228 s. ISBN 90-5809-701-3

Optional literature:

•users manuals and instructions of measuring and monitoring equipments

•Hartford D., Beacher G.: Risk and uncertainty in dam safety. London: Thomas Telford Publishing, 2004.391 s. ISBN 0-7277-3270-6

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