Isotope Hydrology

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D43IHY ZK 1P+1C Czech
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Martin Šanda
Michal Sněhota, Martin Šanda
Michal Sněhota, Martin Šanda
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

The course will introduce students to modern methods of isotope hydrology of stable and radioactive isotopes in waters for determination of water movement in the environment. Students will be acquainted with methods of field sampling of natural samples and preparation of artificial tracers based on stable isotopes. Students will use the method of laser spectroscopy of stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in water. Students will be provided with the issue of other isotopes present in water and their use for estimating the age of ground water or indicating the contribution of groundwater in the formation of the total runoff. Part of the subject will be the processing of measured data by methods of isotope separation of runoff, average water residence time in river basin and estimation of evaporation in laboratory conditions. Students will solve an individually or team tasks within field or laboratory measurements when experimenting with penetration of the substance, including analysis of acquired data and presentation of results. Excursions to experimental catchments and localities are part of the lesson..

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Povinná literatura:

•Kendall C. and McDonnell J. J., editors. (1998) Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology. Elsevier Science B. V.,Amsterdam.

•Environmental Isotopes in the Hydrological Cycle, IAEA, Vienna. http://www-naweb.iaea.org/napc/ih/IHS_resources_publication_hydroCycle_en.html

•Kirkby, M. J., Hillslope Hydrology (1991), Wiley.

•Relevant papers in peer reviewed journals in Web of Science.

•Manuals for the devices used for experiments

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