Risks and Expert Systems in Water Management

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D42RESV ZK 2P Czech
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Michal Toman
Ladislav Satrapa, Michal Toman, Milan Zukal
Ladislav Satrapa, Michal Toman, Milan Zukal
Department of Hydraulic Structures

The subject represents an introduction overview of the sources of failures in hydraulic systems, the definitions of the risk categorization and representations of risk and the risks of non-compliance with the purpose of water works or system.

Followed by quantifying the risks and possibilities of the application risk analysis of vice-criteria evaluation of task and problems.

An essential part of the subject of the introduction of knowledge-based and expert systems (basic concepts and principles), understanding the principles of work with knowledge and familiarization with the basic activities and practices from the field of knowledge engineering. In the context of understanding the technology processing expertise, students will be also acquainted with the processes of discovery, capture, creation, classification and representation of expert knowledge. Knowledge of learning theory will be applied to the pilot examples of knowledge-based methods in water management practice.


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Syllabus of lectures:

Risk analysis of the student's doctoral topic area. Risk management options from simple methods to knowledge engineering methods.

Syllabus of tutorials:

the course has no exercises

Study Objective:

To teach the student to analyse potential risks in the operation of water works and manage them using artificial intelligence - in relation to the topic of doctoral studies.

Study materials:

Required reading:

•Kelemen, J. – Kubík, A. – Lenharčík, I. – Mikulecký, P.: Creation of expert systems in the CLIPS environment. GRADA Publ., Prague, 1999, ISBN 80-7169-501-7

•Berka, P.: Expert systems. EU Prague, 1998, ISBN 80-7079-873-4

•Votruba L., Heřman J.: The reliability of water management works. Prague: Czech technical matrix, 1993. 496 s. ISBN 80-209-0251-1.

•specialised periodicals

•research reports

Recommended reading:

•Toman, M. - Toman, J. - Mikulecký, P. - Olševičová, K. - Ponce, D.: Inteligentní dispečerské rozhodovací systémy ve vodním hospodářství. Česká technika - nakladatelství ČVUT, 2009, 254 s., ISBN 978-80-01-04452-0

•Toman, M. - Mikulecký, P. - Olševičová, K. - Ponce, D.: Znalostní technologie ve vodním hospodářství. Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2004, 205 s., ISBN 80-01-03049-0

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•Toman, M. - Horský, M.: ZNALOP – Riverbasin Knowledge. [Software that meets the conditions of the RIV (previously Authorised)]

•Toman, M. - Horský, M.: AVASciS - Knowledge System Water. [Software that meets the conditions of the RIV (previously Authorised)]

•CLIPS system: A Tool for Building Expert Systems: http://clipsrules.sourceforge.net/

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