Earth Structures in Hydro and Environmental Engineering

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D35ZKVS ZK 2P Czech
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Ivan Vaníček
Daniel Jirásko, Ivan Vaníček
Daniel Jirásko, Ivan Vaníček
Department of Geotechnics

Detailed acquaintance with specificity and demands for Earth structures of hydro engineering (fill dams, small dams, dikes, historical dams, canals), and environmental engineering (different types of landfills, tailing dams and soil heaps). Soil as the main construction material, manners of utilization, compaction and controls. Applicability of soil for different parts of earth structures (sealing element, filter, and stabilization zone). Verification of limit state of serviceability, either for fulfilment of the basic purpose – water retention, sealing, or the elimination of settlement of the earth body with respect to it functionality or utilization of the surface in future. Verification of the limit state of failure with specification on limit states typical for hydro engineering, as stability, bearing capacity, uplift, surface erosion, internal erosion (including all possible manners). Differences between the behaviour of earth structures with long term contact with water (principle of saturated soil) and earth structures with limit contact (principle of partly saturated soil).

Part of the subject are also laboratory experiments in soil mechanics laboratory.

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- Vaníček, I., Vaníček, M.: Earth Structures in Transport, Water and Environmental Engineering, Springer, 2008.

- Sherard et al. (1967): Earth and Earth-Rock Dams. Engineering Problems of Design and Construction. John Wiley and Sons, New York.

- Suthersan, S.S.: Remediation engineering. Design Concepts. CRC Lewis Publishers, New York, 1997.

- Proceedings of the 13th European conference ISSMGE, Prague, 2003.

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