Selected Items of Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics

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D35VSMZ ZK 2P Czech
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Ivan Vaníček
Daniel Jirásko, Ivan Vaníček
Daniel Jirásko, Ivan Vaníček
Department of Geotechnics

The subject is focused on the upgraded level of Soil Mechanics needed to design geotechnical structures, first with agreement of Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design. Logical scheme of the geotechnical structure design is presented – starting with specification of geological model, followed by geotechnical model, numerical model and ending with phase of realization and structure monitoring. Therefore the methods of sample collection, realization of laboratory and in situ tests are specified, guaranteeing evaluation of the reliable geotechnical properties. Evaluation of the design situations on the limit states of failures and serviceability. The initial state of stresses is emphasized followed by stresses changes (stress paths). Analytical calculation methods versus numerical methods (FEM). Deformation under 1 D 2D and 3 D conditions together with time effect (‘soil consolidation) Differences between short term and long term stability, bearing capacity. Progressive failure of soils. Different relation between change of stresses and strains for different types of soils. Different behaviour of saturated and partly saturated soils.

In the part of geo-environmental engineering, the attention is focused on geo-environmental investigation, on remediation methods for subsoil decontamination, on the construction on brownfields, exploitation of geothermal energy, natural hazards, as are floods, landslides and rock-falls.

Part of the subject are laboratory tests performed in soil mechanics laboratory.

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- Vaníček, I., Vaníček, M.: Earth Structures in Transport, Water and Environmental Engineering, Springer, 2008.

- Bond, A., Harris, A.: Decoding Eurocode 7. Taylor and Francis. London, 2008

- Sutherson, S.S.: Remediation engineering. Design Concepts. CRC Lewis Publishers, New York, 1997.

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