Small Water Turbines

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Department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics

Students will get knowledge on the basic types of water turbines, their construction and their operating characteristics. The course will enable students to more comprehensive orientation in the problems of choice of type, design and operation of small water turbines.

•Water energy and its use. Types of hydropower plants. Differences between small and large hydropower turbine system. Use of hydropower in the Czech Republic. Use and importance of small hydropower plants.

•Hydraulic power specification. Hydro-energetic potential of watercourse (theoretical to technically usable). Basic parameters of hydropower turbine systems (head and discharge) and methods of their determination. Basic energy balance of hydropower.

•Types, historical development, common conceptual and constructional design of large and especially small water turbines.

•More detailed classification and demonstrations of the design of water turbines.

•Main and associated parameters of the water turbine. Energy losses in a hydropower plant and a turbine. Euler's equation.

•Basic principles of similarity laws, specific parameters, specific speed and characteristics of water turbines.

•Methods of control of conventional reaction and impulse water turbines.

•Areas of economic use and choice of a suitable type of water turbine for a particular location.

•Fundamentals and principles of hydraulic solutions of selected types of water turbines (Francis, Kaplan, Pelton wheel, and Banki´s turbines), design and design guidelines (penstock, inlet structure, scroll (spiral casing), stay ring, wicket gates and regulation device, runner (impeller), draft tube).

•Possibilities of using some types of pumps as small water turbines.

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Zowski, S. J.: Water Turbines - Contributions to Their Study, Computation and Design. Forgotten Books, London, 2016, ISBN: 1333403046

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