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Building with Natural Materials in Practice

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124XPSP Z 1 2C Czech
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Jakub Diviš, Martin Volf
Jakub Diviš, Martin Volf
Jakub Diviš, Martin Volf
Department of Architectural Engineering

The course 124XPSP allows students to come in touch with natural building materials and try to work with them. The purpose is to connect the 2D design activity with the 3D visual perception of details for a better understanding of contexts, problems and a better visual idea not only of the material nature of the proposed structures. This is a craft-oriented subject that loosely follows on from the 124XPSM lectures taught in the winter semester.


The subject is optional and without special requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

Lectures take place together with exercises in the same syllabus.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Typical course:

1st workshop - straw constructions

2nd workshop - clay plasters

3rd workshop - wood construction and natural thermal insulation

4th workshop - bamboo and other special natural building materials

Study Objective:

The aim of the course X124PSP is to familiarize students with the proposed natural materials. The main focus is on adobe clay, straw, wood, or bamboo, as well as on natural insulating materials . Within the subject, students will work with these materials, create building details, or partial constructions. They should take away experience of how to work with the given materials, what are their specifics, advantages, but also disadvantages. Last but not least, they will enjoy manual work that will stretch their bodies from sitting at computers and maybe even learn some other skills.

Study materials:

Jones, B.: Building with Straw Bales

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