Individual Training

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F7KMSIP Z 2 2XT Czech
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Martina Caithamlová
Martina Caithamlová, Petra Hospodková
Department of Biomedical Technology

The Individual professional training is an integral part of good and qualified preparation for prospective occupation. The training provides a student with an opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge in the form of independent work supervised by a professional worker.

The Individual professional training represents such form of a tuition in which the students are placed in individual workplaces within medical facilities, or in production or servicing organizations in the field of medical devices. The students, on the basis of predetermined study plans, acquire deeper practical skills and work independently under supervision of an appointed worker.

The training on selected workplaces must be on a high professional level.

All hygienic, safety and other measures, relevant for the specific workplace must be followed within the training. Students are acquainted with the regulations of the given workplace.

The training is supervised and evaluated by its guarantor.

The professional training of students of the program Systematic integration of processes in Healthcare is focused namely on the area of legislation, documentation of medical devices in medical facilities, medical procedures reports to health insurance companies, area of tenders, preparation of materials for procurements, preparation and realisation of purchase of medical devices, management quality in medical facilities, work with information systems, operating of medical facility, internal audit and other activities.


Completed OHS (Occupational health and safety), 100% attendance, missed lessons must be compensated for, confirmation on completed professional training issued by relevant workplace, submitted training report.

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