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D10SPM ZK Czech
Garant předmětu:
Šárka Pešková
Šárka Pešková
Experimental Centre

Project management in practice from start, planning, implementation, control, to completion. Phylosophy of managing working teams and implementation of outputs into practice. Management of project documentation and ordinary administration, completing the necessary basic knowledge of the legislative framework of the Czech Republic and the European Union in the given field.


Master's degree

Syllabus of lectures:

Project preparation

Project assessment

Financing options

Project organization

Selection of a quality scientific team

Elaboration of the project including budget and justification

Project management and implementation

Determination of available risks and milestones of the project, including the possibility of overcoming them

Creating a project timeline

Creating conditions

Project documentation and legislation

Determining the possibility of financial return

Project evaluation

Project life cycle

Design phase of the project

Successful completion of the project

Successful implementation of the project into practice

Final assessment of the overall project feedback from practice

Practice submission of a challenging or international project

Assessment of the project from the point of view of opponents

Final exam

Syllabus of tutorials:

- Presentation according to the syllabus (possibility of using the online form)

- Presentation of real examples from practice

- Individual work

- Finding important aspects of the subject (use of networks and search engines)

- Explanation of possible questions and ambiguities on the part of students

- The possibility of excursions and involvement in the teaching of external partners (companies and state administration) and their experiences

from practice

- Final summary

Study Objective:

The aim of the seminar is to reach students who are interested in the given issue and to prepare them in a high-quality way so that they can use the knowledge and skills they have gained in practice, both when looking for and applying in a job or when starting a business such as Start-up projects.

Study materials:

Recommended literature:

Doyle, Peter

Marketing management and strategy

Learning aids:


Further information:
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