Innovation Management and Innovation Project

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K16C3102 Z,ZK 6 20B Czech
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Institute of Management Studies

Concepts of innovation, assumptions and barriers to innovation, sources of innovation, strategic considerations about innovation, process innovation, product innovation, service innovation, macroeconomic view of the role of innovation, organizational security and innovation management, soft methods and innovative techniques, systematic-analytical methods and innovative techniques, economic aspects of innovation, intellectual property of innovation and legal aspects.



Presentation and elaboration of seminar work - analysis of creativity and innovation of a selected organization, analysis of its success, or creation of a proposal to improve performance/demand, etc.


Student evaluation system using two activities. The final grade is given by the sum of points from individual activities:

1. Solution of creative seminar work, max. 50 points

2. Final test, max. 50 points - the final test contains 10 questions, of which 8 closed questions (max. 40 b) and 2 open questions (max. 10 b)

100 - 90 points …… excellent

89 - 75 points vel ..very good

74 - 65 points

Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction - Innovation and competitive advantage. The importance of innovation. Types of innovations. Innovation and sustainability

Changes and knowledge of innovation

Innovation as a management process. The structure of a successful innovation process

Gaining knowledge from the market and through alliances

A strategic approach to innovation management. Innovation strategies

Intellectual property and its protection. Patents

Support for innovation activities

How to create an innovative organization. Building an innovative organization

Methods and techniques usable in innovation management

Control mechanisms related to innovation activities

Change management. Selected approaches

Economic aspects associated with innovation

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The course is focused on the management of innovations and methods needed to address creative thinking and the implementation of implementation changes in technological progress in achieving a competitive business environment. Due to the fact that the most important processes of development of science and research take place through strategic management of change and innovation, this course introduces students to one of the key tools of the practical application of creative thinking and innovation management in connection with the application of practical approaches to innovation projects. Relevant case studies from practice will be used in the teaching of the subject, which students will be able to apply in the framework of teamwork and their own proposals for the solution of innovative projects.

Study materials:


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