Urban Drainage

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144URDR Z,ZK 6 2P+3C English
Garant předmětu:
David Stránský
Ivana Kabelková, David Stránský
Ivana Kabelková, David Stránský
Department of Urban Water Management

The course focusses on complex understanding of urban drainage and its consequences. The students will master urban hydrology processes of surface runoff formation and transport, transport and transformation processes in sewer system, impacts of urban drainage on surface waters, description of urban drainage performance by monitoring and modelling, innovative technologies and purpose oriented mitigation measures planning and innovation.


General understanding of hydraulics (free surface flow) is recommended.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Urban Drainage - purpose, concept, tasks, integrated approach, tools and methods

2. Waste waters - quantity, quality, data

3. Storm waters - quantity, quality, data

4. Surface runoff processes

5. Transport and transformation processes in sewer system

6. Urban streams - ecosystem of streams, urban drainage impacts, protection strategies)

7. Monitoring and modelling of urban drainage systems

8. Mitigation - end-of-pipe measures (stormwater basins, RTC)

9. Mitigation - storm water management I (principles, selection of storm water recipient, admissibility, feasibility)

10. Mitigation - storm water management II (structures, design, maintenance, examples)

11. Mitigation - decentralized sanitation and re-use (don´t mix strategy, water re-use, nutrients and organic matter re-use, purpose oriented treatment)

12. Climate change adaptive urban planning

13. Summary of lessons learned

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Rainfall data

2. Processes of surface runoff - creation of runoff

3. Processes of surface runoff - transport and retention I

4. Processes of surface runoff - transport and retention II

5. Sewer system flow hydraulics

6. Design of retention devices - calculations

7. Design of infiltration devices - calculations

8. Design of rain water harvesting devices - calculations

9. Field trip - retention and infiltration devices

10. Field trip - rainwater harvesting system

11. Blue-green infrastructure planning - workshop

12. Urban catchment climate change effects - energy budget calculation

13. Discussion workshop - lessons learned

Study Objective:

The goal of study to teach students how to manage (planning, controlling, optimizing) urban drainage systems according to site-specific and time-dynamic conditions.

Study materials:

! Butler, D., Davie J.W. (2004). Urban Drainage (2nd ed.). Spon Press.

! Akan, A.O., Houghtalen, R.J. (2003). Urban Hydrology, Hydraulics and Stormwater Quality. John Wiley & sons, Inc.

? Woods Ballard B., Wilson, S., Udale-Clarke H., Scott, T., Ashley, R., Kellagher, R. (2015). The SuDS Manual. CIRIA Report 753, CIRIA.

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