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HR Management Systems

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G16E2501 Z,ZK 6 2P+2C English
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Institute of Management Studies

The course is focused on the development of managerial skills in managing human resources in the organization. Through lectures and seminars, students will learn effective strategies, policies, and practices for efficient human resource management in the organization and the main tasks of managers in various activities of human resource management in the organization.


‒ Individual case study presentation (40%)

‒ Midterm test (30%)

‒ Final test (30%)

Individual case study presentation (40%):

Students are required to prepare an individual PowerPoint presentation (about 20 minutes) on a case study related to human resource management. Case studies will be provided during the first week.

Students can choose any case study they like. They can think up their case study. The design of the presentation is up to students. They will present their presentation during seminars according to the agreed schedule.

Students are required to upload their presentation to the Moodle on the day of their presentation and name the file as follows: Last name_First name_presentation (e.g., Smith_Adam_presentation).

Students will get feedback after their presentation. They can get 0-40 points according to the following criteria:

- Analysis of the current state: 0-10

- Definition of the problem: 0-10

- Introduction and discussion of proposals: 0-10

- Summary of findings and proposals: 0-10

Midterm test (30%):

The midterm test is taken online in the Moodle in week 7. It covers the knowledge of the first half of lectures (1-6). It includes 15 ABCD questions (one correct); correct: 2 points; incorrect: 0 points; maximum: 30 points. The limit is 30 minutes.

Final test (30%):

The final test is taken online in the Moodle in the examination period. It covers the knowledge of the second half of lectures (7-11). It includes 15 ABCD questions (one correct); correct: 2 points; incorrect: 0 points; maximum: 30 points. The limit is 30 minutes.

Syllabus of lectures:

WEEK 1 | COURSE OVERVIEW. The Role of Managers in the Organization

WEEK 2 | The Nature of Human Resource Management

WEEK 3 | Organization Design, Job Design, and Job Analysis

WEEK 4 | Human Resource Planning

WEEK 5 | Employee Recruitment and Selection

WEEK 6 | Employee Orientation and Retention

WEEK 7 | Performance Management. MIDTERM TEST (ONLINE)

WEEK 8 | Employee Compensation

WEEK 9 | Employee Training and Development

WEEK 10 | Employee Motivation and Care

WEEK 11 | Handling Employee Problems


Syllabus of tutorials:

WEEK 1-11: Individual Presentations and Case Studies

Study Objective:

After the successful completion of the course, students will be able to explain and apply knowledge and skills related to human resource planning, job design and analysis, employee recruitment, selection, and orientation, performance management, employee rewarding, or employee training and development.

Study materials:


PowerPoint presentations to lectures provided by the instructor.


Armstrong, Michael. How to Manage People: Fast, Effective Management Skills that Really Get Results. Kogan Page, 2019.

Armstrong, Michael, & Taylor, Stephen. Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice. Kogan Page, 2020.

Robbins, Stephen P., De Cenzo, David A., & Coulter, Mary. Fundamentals of Management, Global Edition. Pearson, 2019.

Wicks, Mike. How Not to Manage People. The Leadership Mistakes Keeping Your Team from Greatness. HarperCollins Leadership, 2020.

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