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Computing in construction management and BIM

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Department of Construction Management and Economics

The course is divided into two blocks: 1. Computer support of process control, 2. Basic practices of information modeling (BIM). In the course, students will learn the basics of simulation approach to the management of technical-economic processes of various nature. It also includes an introduction to computer simulation of various construction processes and practical application for control examples.

The second block of the subject is focused to view of information modeling from a theoretical and especially practical point of view (3D modeling, line construction, MEP, process modeling, formats, common data environment).


Basic using MS Office programs, especially MS Excel, MS Powerpoint. The advantage of skills with CAD applications and BIM applications (Revit or others). Advanced PC skills are an advantage.

Syllabus of lectures:

Block Computer Support:

1. Introduction to the structure of the subject, modern management tools

2. Dynamic processes in management, introduction to modeling

3. Risk process and its creation, terminology, management

4. Management support systems. Reporting as part of them

5. Change Management

6. Performance of process management

BIM block:

7. Introduction to the issue of BIM from the point of view of project management

8. Implementation of BIM in the company and on the market, BIM in the context of change management

9. Professional orientation in the context of BIM, the role of professions in the project, communication and sharing

10. Key documents of BIM submission and implementation, use of BIM

11. Use of BIM for estimating construction production and time planning

12. Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and other exchangeable formats, process modeling

13. Recapitulation of the management of technical-economic processes

Syllabus of tutorials:

Block Computer Support:

1. Definition of the selected dynamic process

2. Simulation and evaluation of the selected process

3. Building a simple DSS for the production process

4. Compilation of a report and evaluation of information from the DSS production process

5. Compilation of management interventions based on KPIs

6. Compilation of a graphic report from the management of the production process

BIM block:

7. Introduction to modeling issues

8. Project - assignment and work on the model

9. Project - work on the model, solution of dependencies

10. Project - work on the model, testing reports

11. BIM in transport constructions

12. BIM in TZB

13. Analyzes in the model

Study Objective:

The aim of the block Computer Control Support is the ability to process a model of technical-economic process of various nature. The model is processed in the environment of an common office application (MS Excel), which the student can handle at a solid user level. The aim is to teach students basic approaches in the field of computer support of control with a focus on simulation of control and technical-economic processes.

The aim of the Information Modelling block is to acquaint students with selected software tools for BIM and to create basic habits of object-oriented parametric modeling, which they can build on in the next stages of study. The second objective is to acquaint students in a similar spirit with the basics of building information modeling in a cross-sectional manner at a general level.

Study materials:

!Dlask, P., Beran, V., Kubíčková, P. (2011) Modelování při řízení, Praha: Wolters Kluwer ČR, a. s. ISBN: 978-80-7357-704-9.

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?Eastman, C., Teicholz, P., Sacks, R. and Lee, G. (2018) BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Designers, Engineers, Contractors. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 978-1-11-928753-7.

:BIMe Initiative: BIMDictionary. https://bimdictionary.com/

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