Construction of Medical Systems

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BEAM38KLS Z,ZK 6 2P+2L English
Jan Holub (guarantor)
Jan Holub (guarantor), Yann Kowalczuk
Department of Measurement

General principles and design and construction of medical devices and systems. Technical standards and requirements for the design, construction and operation of medical electrical appliances. Classification classes of instruments. Electromagnetic Compatibility of Medical Devices. Modern component base. Design and construction of basic blocks of medical devices.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Technical standards requirements, general structure of the medical device, instrument classes, parameters and design process

2. Modern component base, features, selection and application recommendations

3. Design and construction of basic electronic functional blocks of medical devices

4. Measurement amplifiers

5. Measurement converters

6. Electromagnetic Compatibility of Medical Devices

7.Power circuits, interconnection, cables and connections, parasitic links and transmissions, shielding, interference methods

8. Interconnection of analog device blocks - signal levels, linearity, interference. Switching and coupling circuits

9. Advanced analog-to-digital conversion methods, circuits

10. Digital-analog converters, signal reconstruction

11. Mechanical design, design, cooling and instrumentation

12. Systems for computer support of design of measuring instruments, virtual measuring devices

13. Summary, conclusions

14. Spare

Syllabus of tutorials:

Laboratory exercises:

1. Methods of galvanic separation used in medical devices

2. Analogue filters for biosignals, design, implementation and measurement

3. Suppression of consistent interference with amplifiers

4. Suppression of alternating interference in analogue and digital circuits

5. Medium and Effective Value Converters, Nonlinear Amplifiers.

6. Frequency signal filtration, filters with switched capacitors

7. Insulating amplifier

8. Project assignment - Design of the block of the measuring instrument, verification of the model, comparison with the parameters of the professional device

9. Project solution - design

10. Project - model I

11. Project - model II

12. Project - comparison of parameters with professional solutions

13. Evaluation of results

14. Assessment

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Kimmel, W.D., Gerke, D.D.: Electromagnetic Compatibility in Medical Equipment. Piscataway: IEEE Press. 1995

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