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U16E2301 ZK 3 2P+0C English
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Institute of Management Studies

All students will be required to read the assigned chapters prior to the lecture: Christopher, P. Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 5th ed. Pearson FT, 2016.

The lectures will then discuss the main concepts and apply them on real life examples.

The exam will be based on the required reading and lectures:

Credit requirements:

- active participation in lectures and seminars, acceptable level of assignments,

Exam requirements: 29.05 from 09.00-10.30. (resit exam: 15.06 at 09.00).

Essay submission through Moodle. Students will receive s short case study and answer 5 short questions where they are expected to apply theoretical concepts and write an essay (1 page) in the required format. The exam is open book.

If university opens and allows to make the exam in the present form, we will make the exam at MUVS. Same requirements apply.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, logistics in contexts --> How does supply chain management add value?

2. Objectives of logistics, logistics chains, integrated logistics, scientific fundamentals --> Distribution channels and measuring performance?

3. Methods in logistics: Kanban, JIT, JIS, QR, ECR, Hub & Spoke, lean management --> Responsive supply chains?

4. Inventory management, inventory models --> Lean or Flexible supply chain?

5. Logistics centres, Cross-Docking, ISO containers, slip sheets --> Supply chain complexity and risk management?

6. Information technologies in logistics, EDI, barcodes, RFID, Smart Containers

7. Transportation in logistics, multimodal and intermodal transport in Europe and overseas, influences of EU, TEN-T, CEF

8. International logistics, factors, trade blocks, INCOTERMS, LPI; case study

9. Cooperation mechanisms in logistics, 3PL, outsourcing, offshoring, reshoring --> Global logistics and Network competition?

10. Logistics chain security: legislation, international organizations and initiatives, shipping container screening

11. Reverse logistics, waste recycling --> sustainable logistics?

12. Introduction to Smart Cities, definition, assessment, best practices

13. City logystics, last mile, Gateway, new trends --> Supply chain of the future?

14. New last mile, B2B and B2C segments analysis, online sale channels

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is lecture based. There will be small break-out sessions and individual presentation on each course.

Study Objective:

Give an overview of main logistics issues. Students should understand the main tools and challenges of modern logistics and supply chain management.

Study materials:

Christopher, P. Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 5th ed. Pearson FT, 2016.

Murphy, P.R., Knemeyer, A.M. Contemporary Logistics. 11th. ed. Pearson, 2014.

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