Intelligent Structures in Biomedical Applications

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Contemporary science reached the level which makes possible to peep into very tiny pieces of matter to observe natural processes taking place inside. On top of that the modern technology allows interfering with these internal processes and working upon them. Very important are characteristics and properties, which such form of matter manages, as well as processes that take place on nanometers scale.

Nanostructures represent the new forms of matter, which science and technology have been eagerly investigating in recent years. Problems of nanostructures is an inter-disciplinary field of research, where chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, and perhaps some other branches of science as well, overlap in creating possibility to describe, study and employ these directions


Teaching is performed in the form of self-study with regular individual consultations. In addition to the examination, a written study is required by the student on a given topics.

Syllabus of lectures:

Evolution of nanotechnology.

Nano for medical and biomedical applications

Interaction between nanoparticles:

Big, medium and small nanoparticle, are together in one structure. Which one particle size lead reactivity?

Charge separation processes. How to make? Where is the key for that?

Nano for environmental sensors. Nano bio in structure of Shottky diode?

Nano kill bacteria. How they do it? Why? What reason?

Diagnose: Alzheimer deceases. Therapy: bio resistant nanoparticles, surface covered with bio materials

Nano in medicine and biology

Si nanoparticles as markers for bio-applications. Creep effect.

Nano in medicine and biology

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:


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