Thermomechanics A

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Department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics


Basic laws of thermodynamics. State equation of ideal gas. Ideal and semi-ideal gases and their properties. Reversible and typical irreversible processes of ideal and semi-ideal gases. Mixtures of gases. Real gases and vapours, reversible and irreversible processes. Cycles of typical motors and machines. Moist air. Fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics. Thermodynamics of chemical reactions. Basic cases of heat transfer. Steady heat conduction. Heat convection. Similarity, a criterion equation. Heat transfer during phase changes. Thermal radiation. Combined cases of heat transfer. Heat exchangers.

Syllabus of lectures:

Syllabus of lectures

1. Basic terms and definitions. Thermodynamic system and its properties. Heat and work.

2. Postulates of phenomenological thermodynamics. First, second and third laws of thermodynamics for open and closed systems. Heat capacity and Mayer's relation.

3. State change and cycle, Carnot's cycle. Basic reversible and irreversible processes.

4. Gas models and state equations, ideal gas, Van der Waals gas, semi-ideal gas.

Status changes of the ideal gas.

5. Irreversible processes of ideal gas. Mixture of ideal gases. Basic state changes in semi-ideal gas.

6. Steam. Demonstration in h - s diagram. State changes in steam.

7. Cycles of motors and machines - compressor, piston engine, steam and gas turbine. Reverse cycles.

8. Moist air. Basic variables and their measurements, expression of the basic properties of moist air. Processes in the h - x diagram.

9. Fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics. Thermodynamics of chemical reactions.

10. Basics of heat transfer. Heat transfer mechanisms. Conduction in solids ? 1D cases.

11. Heat convection. Similarity.

12. Thermal radiation. Black, grey and real body radiation. Heat transfer due to radiation.

13. Principals of heat exchangers design.

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Jílek, M.: Thermomechanics, CTU Prague, 2006

Jílek, M.: Exercises and Labs in Thermomechanics, CTU Prague, 2007

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