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Costing and Bidding 2E

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
126K2N Z,ZK 6 2P+3C Czech

The course 126K2N can be graded only after the course 126KN1 has been successfully completed.

Garant předmětu:
Renáta Schneiderová Heralová
Lucie Brožová, Renáta Schneiderová Heralová, Iveta Střelcová
Lucie Brožová, Renáta Schneiderová Heralová, Iveta Střelcová
Department of Construction Management and Economics

Price and its importance, price factors, price strategies, types of contract, estimating at different stages of project, price setting data. Price creation - oriented to costs, demand and competition, method of price creation. Methods of creating the bid price. Labor and equipment rates per hour. IT support for estimating. Engineering and design activities pricing.


126KAN1 122TSE

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Pricing - oriented to costs, competition, demand. Calculation of the total costs of the construction project.

2. Statement of dimensions, list of works, estimate and valuation documents

3. Tender documentation. Tender offer. Bid and contract price.

4. Costing of project works and engineering activities

5.Cost controlling. Production costing and final costing.

6. Calculation and analysis of construction life cycle costs. Costing in individual phases of the construction project. Aggregated items

7. BIM and costing of buildings

Syllabus of tutorials:

1, 2. Calculation of the total costs of the construction project

3.-13. List of works with measurement statement, estimate

Study Objective:

Teach practically applicable methods of estimating for bidding.

Study materials:

[1]Brook, M. Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work, 5th edition. Routledge, 2017. ISBN 978-1-138-68716-5.

[2]Lewis, H. Bids, Tenders & Proposals: winning business through best practice. Kogan Page, 2015. ISBN 978-0-7494-7484-3.

[3]The Chartered Insitute of Building: New Code of Estimating Practice. Wiley-Blackwell, 2018. ISBN 978-1-1193-2946-6.

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