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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

Diploma work should have the structure of research work, its clear segmentation shold display the approach of the author to the chosen topic: theoretical and methodological base, assessment of the current situation and its existing theoretical interpretation, the goal of the work, definition of the issue, determination of hypotheses, basic terms used in the work, methods used to gain the goal of the work.


Implementation of approved project work / research.

After the conclusion of the theme followed by a combined form of targeted consultation to enhance knowledge, skills and intellectual habits.

The output of the project is allowed to administer. Culmination of the process and submitting the final form of the thesis, which are a condition for granting credit and subsequent inclusion in the final state examination. An integral part of the final examination is the defense of the thesis. For the purposes of ensuring defense MIAS Technical University, Department of Engineering Education of assessment reports: a supervisor and the opponent.

Portfolio. Design algorithm.

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When writing their diploma work, students should fulfill the requirements of research work. Diploma work at the Bachelor level is usually the first research work of the author, the topic is therefore generally rather narrow which facilitates achieving the desired insight.

Study materials:

Students are in addition to literature available in libraries available CD-ROM with complete course content of theses issues and tasks for independent work and preparation of teaching materials.

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