Management of Water Sources

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142XHZV Z 1 1P+1C Czech
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Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Water resources. Surface water resources. Surface runoff, characteristics, possibilities of modifying runoff conditions, water management in reservoirs and water management systems. Analysis of the process of inflow and outflow from reservoirs and elaboration of the basis for reservoir management. Water management solutions for the storage and protection function of reservoirs. Design of reservoirs with perennial, seasonal and short-term runoff control. Operation and management of reservoirs and water management systems. Temperature regime of reservoirs. Groundwater resources: forms of occurrence, characteristics, uses. Water quality. Interaction of reservoirs with the environment.


1. Active participation in seminars

2. Processing and submission of correctly and completely solved problems.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Water resource allocation, droughts and floods.

2. Reservoirs as a means of water management. Typology of reservoirs and water management systems.

3. Data for reseroir sizing.

4. Water management design of reservoir storage function.

5. Water management solution for the protective function of reservoirs.

6. Determination of the level of flood protection, flood control measures. Design of the reservoir retention volume.

7. Reservoirs in the natural environment. Water quality in reservoirs.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Environmental issues of reservoirs. Discussion. Small expert survey (task 1).

2. Solution of a direct drawdown storage tank I (task 2).

3. Solution of the direct draw-off storage tank II (continuation of task 2).

4. Flood wave modelling (Task 3)

5. Solution of the protective function of the reservoir. Flood wave transformation (Task 4)

6. Optimization of flood protection. Continuation of task 4.

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to learn the fundamentals of water resources design and management. The focus is primarily on surface water resources. Climate change and its impact on the reliability of water resources.

Study materials:

Patera, A., Nacházel, K., Fošumpaur, P.: Nádrže a vodohospodářské soustavy. Skriptum ČVUT Praha, 2002.

Votruba, L., Broža, V.: Hospodaření s vodou v nádržích. SNTL-ALFA, 1980.

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