Economy and Organization of Self-government

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127XESC Z 2 2P Czech
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Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

During the lectures, students will acquire knowledge of the organization of territorial self-governing units, especially with an emphasis on understanding the management of municipalities. In addition to the territorial development itself, emphasis is placed on understanding the financial ties in relation to the state budget, on the provision of necessary services mainly oriented towards public infrastructure and the economic aspects of territorial development. The lectures are supplemented by at least one excursion to a selected town hall and municipal office.


Elaboration of a seminar paper - research of the self-government of a selected municipality from an economic and social point of view.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Constitution of the Czech Republic, Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Territorial division of the Czech Republic in relation to the exercise of state administration and self-government.

2. Municipality - rights and obligations arising from the Act on Municipalities, municipal authorities, independent and delegated authority of municipalities.

3. Region - rights and obligations arising from the Act on Regions, regional authorities, independent and transferred jurisdiction of regions.

4. Public budgets - state budget, state funds, regional budget, municipal budget, subsidies.

5. Tax system in the Czech Republic - direct and indirect taxes, budgetary determination of taxes, indebtedness.

6. Municipal budget - creation, budget structure, income and expenses, local fees, administrative fees, secondary economic activity.

7. Awarding of public contracts, in more detail in the field of territorial development (territorial planning).

8. Security and crisis management - role of municipalities and regions, integrated rescue system, municipal police, crisis plans, offences.

9. Municipality - managing the property of the municipality

10. Municipality and public services - education (ensuring the obligations of the municipality, typology of facilities).

11. Municipality and public services - healthcare and social care (ensuring the obligations of the municipality, typology of facilities).

12. Urban economics - real estate prices, feasibility studies, development.

13. Excursion - the capital city of Prague - council meeting, City Hall city of Prague - meeting with representatives and officials.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercises are not part of the course.

Study Objective:

The goal of the study is to familiarize students with the issues of territorial management and territorial development, so that students are motivated to participate in the administration of public affairs and actively enter municipal politics.

Study materials:

Study materials in English are not required.

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