Manufacturing of Power Devices

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Jiří Hájek, Radek Procházka
Jiří Hájek, Radek Procházka
Jiří Hájek, Radek Procházka
Department of Electrotechnology

The topic of the subject is focused on manufacturing of power electrical machines and devices from construction and technological point of wiev. Main part of the subject is devoted to transformers and rotating machines, namely their magnetic circuits and windings. Second half of the subject is dedicated to manufacturing of power semiconductive devices and converters including diagnostics, reliable operation. Last part of lectures deals with layouts of manufactirung, lean management and planning of manufacturing.


Presence at practical training is obligatory. Students have to obtain a credit before an examination. A knowledges of lectured matter and laboratory tasks will be required during the examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Manufacturing of shafts and frames of rotating machines

2. Magnetic circuits of transformers and electrical rotating machines

3. Winding of transformers

4. Winding of stators of AC electric machines

5. Winding of rotors of asynchronous machines, turborotors and poles of DC machines

6. Manufacturing of commutators

7. CAD/CAM support for manufacturing of electrical machines

8. Requirements on goods in EU, directives

9. Standards, normalisation process, directives fo EMC

10. Manufacturing of power semiconductive devices

10. Reliability, special diagnostics for semiconductors devices

12. Cooling, thermal resistance, modeling of heat transfer as an electric circuit

13. Desing of power sources, converters

14. Layout of manufacturing, lean management, planning of production

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, safety instructions, video

2. Theoretical orview, explanation of laboratory tasks

3. Balance and ballancing of rotating electrical machines

4. Diagnostics of isolation system on electrical machines

5. Magnetic and thermal measurement of transformer

6. Measurement of basic parameters of elmag. chucks and demagnetizers

7. Heat-pipes and heat transfer, cooling

8. Clima-chambers, corosion and anti-corosion test and diagnostic

9. Low-frequency emisions, EMC testing

10. Measurement on rectifiers, converters

11. Assembly and design according EMC requirements

12. Measurement on the system driver-cable-converter

13. Ecodesign, life-cycle for goods

14. Asessment, credits

Study Objective:

The aim is to introduce materials and production technologies for transformers and rotating electrical machines and electrical appliances and power semiconductor devices.

Study materials:

1/ Terry Hill: Production/Operations Management. Prentice Hall

International (UK) Ltd. 1991, University Press, Cambridge

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