Water-management Schemes

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142XNPH Z 1 1P+1C Czech
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Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Pavel Fošumpaur
Department of Hydraulic Structures

The course focuses on the methodology and application of random processes in water management. In the design and control of water management structures, most of the input variables are random (stochastic) in nature. The course will introduce the concept of probabilistic methods for the construction of design variables and for reliability assessment of water resources. At the same time, the focus is on estimating the impact of climate change.


1. Active participation in seminars

2. Processing and submission of correctly and completely solved tasks.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Definition of random processes and their division.

2. Types of probability distributions useful in water management and environmental engineering. Assessment of the agreement between empirical and theoretical probability distributions.

3. Estimation of probability distribution parameters of random variables. Method of moments, maximum likelihood method.

4. Modelling of random time series and their role in water management.

5. Estimation of design flow and rainfall data. Probabilistic methods of flood wave estimation

6. Stochastic simulation of water management systems. Monte-Carlo relibility assessment of water management systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Analysis of the distributive properties of the given flow series.

2. Analysis of autocorrelation properties of the given flow series.

3. Selection of the appropriate type of probability distribution for the data.

4. Estimation of the parameters of the probability distribution using the method of moments and maximum likelihood method.

5. Design flow estimation. Extrapolation of data with low probability of exceedance.

6. Random flow series model.

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to teach students the basic methods of probabilistic analysis for the design and management of water resources.

Study materials:

Patera, A., Nacházel, K., Fošumpaur, P.: Nádrže a vodohospodářské soustavy. Skriptum ČVUT Praha, 2002.

Votruba, L., Broža, V.: Hospodaření s vodou v nádržích. SNTL-ALFA, 1980.

Votruba, L. et al.: Analysis of Water Resource Systems. Elsevier-SNTL, 1988.

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