Building physics - daylighting, acoustics

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124XSFO Z 1 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Department of Architectural Engineering

The focus of the course complements the compulsory course 124SF1, 124SF01 and 124SFA. Emphasis is placed on understanding and thorough practice of the material discussed. Students will improve their ability to solve problems discussed in the compulsory subjects and expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in other areas of building lighting technology and building acoustics. They can use this knowledge in the design of interior spaces within projects and studios and, of course, in practice. It is advisable to enroll in the subject in the same semester as one of the compulsory subjects listed above.


Interest in the fields of building lighting technology and building acoustics. Suitable to enroll in the same semester as courses 124SF1, 124SF01 or 124SFA.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the subject, getting to know the conditions for granting credit, defining the areas of building physics, determining the position of the Sun in relation to the observer, insolation and insolation - definitions, differences in terms, requirements

2. Daylighting - definition, requirements, methods of calculation, measurement of daylighting, boundary conditions, instrumentation, determination of the sky and external reflected component of the daylighting factor

3. Daylighting - internal reflected component of the daylight factor, measurement of the light reflection factor using a luxmeter and illuminance meter, necessary calculation relationships

4. Building acoustics - main areas, terms, limits, labeling of quantities and the method of proving them, principle of calculation of important quantities

5. Sound insulation - airborne sound insulation and standardized sound pressure level of footsteps, the principle of their calculation and measurement

6. Excursion to the acoustic laboratory - measurement of noise, sound absorption and soundproofing properties

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Determining the position of the sun in the sky, determining the position of control points when assessing the time of eclipse.

2. Definition of the daylight illuminance factor, its use in solving simple problems, numerical methods for determining the sky and external reflected components of the daylight illuminance factor, methods of determining the light reflection factor.

3. Measurement of the daylight factor in a specific classroom.

4. Measurement of the light reflection factor of selected surfaces.

5. Calculation of the soundproofing properties of dividing structures using operational methods, the principle of searching for the necessary acoustic parameters in the manufacturers' documents.

6. Consultation of solved tasks, credit test, evaluation of the subject, awarding of credits.

Study Objective:

Independent solution of tasks in the field of daylighting and sun exposure in building and building acoustics.

Study materials:

! VYCHYTIL, Jaroslav. Stavební světelná technika - cvičení. Praha : Nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 156 s. 2015. ISBN 978-80-01-05858-9

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