Measurement of daylight

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124XMDO Z 1 1P+1C Czech
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Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Department of Architectural Engineering

The course expands the knowledge of daylighting obtained mainly in the compulsory subjects 124SF1, 124SF01 and 124SFA1 and in the optional subject 124XSFO. Students will become familiar with the principles and necessary conditions for measuring daylight and light-technical properties of selected building elements. Specifically, this is the measurement of illuminance in a network of control points, on a horizontal, inclined and vertical plane, measurement of the light reflection factor, pollution of the lighting hole and the like. Students can later use this knowledge in the design of the structure in terms of its reflective properties, the size of the lighting holes, the direction of the light flow, color and the like.


Interest in the field of daylighting.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the subject, getting to know the conditions for granting credit, defining the areas of building physics, determining the position of the Sun in relation to the observer, insolation and insolation - definitions, differences in terms, requirements

2. Daylight - definition, requirements, methods of calculation, measurement of daylight, boundary conditions, sky properties, instrumentation

3. Daylighting - the internal reflected component of the daylight factor, determination of the light reflection factor using a luxmeter and illuminance meter, the necessary calculation relationships, comparison of the results obtained by measurement vs. using color swatches vs. estimated from standardized values

4. Measurement of the properties of the lighting opening - pollution factor, light transmission factor through glass or other light-transmitting material

5. Daylight factor on the vertical plane, brightness factor of shading obstacles.

6. Reserve

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Determining the position of the sun in the sky, determining the position of control points when assessing the time of eclipse

2. Definition of the daylight illuminance factor, its use in solving simple problems, numerical methods for determining the sky and external reflected components of the daylight illuminance factor, methods of determining the light reflection factor

3. Measurement of the daylight factor in a specific classroom

4. Measurement of the light reflection factor of selected surfaces, measurement of the properties of the lighting opening (pollution factor, light transmission factor through glass or other light-transmitting material)

5. Measurement of illumination on a vertical reference plane depending on different shading angles

6. Use of a photograph taken with a fish-eye lens when evaluating sunlight exposure and the view from the room, evaluating the subject, awarding credits

Study Objective:

Understanding the issue of daylight measurement. Choice of measurement time and other boundary conditions. Measurement of basic light technical parameters.

Study materials:

! ČSN 36 0011-1 Měření osvětlení prostorů - Část 1: Základní ustanovení. Praha : ÚNMZ, únor 2014

! ČSN 36 0011-2 Měření osvětlení prostorů - Část 2: Měření denního osvětlení. Praha : ÚNMZ, únor 2014

! VYCHYTIL, Jaroslav. Stavební světelná technika - cvičení. Praha : Nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 156 s. 2015. ISBN 978-80-01-05858-9

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