Construction Contracting

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126YCON Z,ZK 4 4P English
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Aleš Tomek, Radan Tomek
Aleš Tomek, Radan Tomek
Department of Construction Management and Economics

As every project manager in construction business has to be a contract manager at the same time, understanding the contract - respectively contracting in general - is a must. Course of Construction Contracting is oriented on current business practices and methods, management techniques and understanding general legal principles, codes and regulations. It is about doing business in construction using standard procurement systems and applying given types of contracts, respectively standard contracts (e.g. FIDIC). Lectures are based on the real practice experience of both course's lecturers and various case studies are studied and solved in the course.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basics of Contract Law

2. The Parties to Construction-related Prime Contracts

3. Contract General Conditions: Provisions to Review Checklists

4. Typical Construction Contract Clauses

5. Understanding Construction Contract, Bonding, and Insurance

6. Procurement Systems

6. Why Contractors Fail

7. Contract Startup and Completion, Site and General Requirements, Subsurface Conditions

8. Contract´s Red flags, Inspection of Works, Rejected Works and Deficiencies, Changes

9. Standard Contracts

10-11. FIDIC standards - RED Book (D-B-B) and Yellow Book (D-B) case studies

12. Financing and Contract Payments

13. Arbitration and Claims; recap

Syllabus of tutorials:

Practicing the lectures' contents; solving case studies using FIDIC contracts, etc.

Study Objective:

Understanding current business practices and methods, management techniques, general legal principles, codes and regulations. Ability to actively work with the contract.

Study materials:

R.Clough et al.: Construction Contracting: Practical Guide to Company Management, Wiley, 8th.ed, 2015, ISBN13: 978-1118693216

L.Holm: 101 Case Studies in Construction Management, Routledge; 1st.ed., 2018, ISBN-13: 978-0815361985

FIDIC: Construction Contract 2nd Ed (2017 Red Book), 2017, ISBN13: 978-2-88432-084-9

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