Town and Country Planning Instruments

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127YNUP Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Václav Jetel, František Pospíšil
Václav Jetel, František Pospíšil
Václav Jetel, František Pospíšil
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

During the lectures, students will learn about spatial planning techniques, i.e. all spatial planning tools, their acquisition, processing and approval. The emphasis in the lectures is on land-use planning documents and land-use planning documentation as preparation for a special professional qualification or for the practice of a designer. As part of the exercise, students will practically verify their theoretical knowledge in the analysis of spatial planning tools and outputs using GIS-based programs.


Credit condition: submission of 5 practical tasks.

Regular consultations: at least 6 active consultations.

For the exam, knowledge of the Building Act and its implementing decrees on spatial planning issues, including related topics according to the lectures.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the study of the subject, organization of teaching, requirements for the exam and overall framework of the subject, definition of spatial planning technique.

2. Territorial development policy of the Czech Republic, territorial division of the Czech Republic, territorial planning authorities.

3. Territorial study (assignment of a territorial study of the landscape and public spaces, preparation and issuance of Ús, EU subsidies).

4. Territorial analytical documents I. – documents for the analysis of sustainable territorial development (values, limits, intentions, thematic breakdown).

5. Territorial analytical documents II. – analysis of the sustainable development of the territory (SWOT analysis, sustainable development of the territory, problems to be solved in the ÚPD, discussion of the ÚAP).

6. Principles of territorial development (processing, discussion, VVURÚ).

7. Spatial plan I. (supplementary surveys and analyses, assignment of the spatial plan, concerned authorities, statement part - preparation of the proposal, urban concept, areas with different ways of use).

8. Territorial plan II. (concept of landscape layout, concept of public infrastructure, VPS, VPO, joint negotiations, modification of the proposal, management of the spatial plan, issuance of the Ú).

9. Territorial plan III. (justification of the land use plan - evaluation of the use of the built-up area and delimitation of buildable areas, expected occupation of the land fund, evaluation of the effects of the Ú on the URÚ, report on the application of the Ú, etc.).

10. Regulatory plan (content, acquisition, processing, release).

11. Demarcation of the built-up area, subdivision agreement, planning agreement, building closure.

12. Territorial decision, territorial approval.

13. GIS and spatial planning, the future of cities (smart solutions).

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of the 1st task - research of spatial planning instruments of selected municipalities in the Czech Republic.

2. Consultation of the 1st task

3. Submission of the 1st task and assignment of the 2nd task - processing of analytical drawings for analyzes of the territory of the municipality

4. Consultation of the 2nd task

5. Submission of the 2nd task and assignment of the 3rd task - delineation of the built-up area according to § 58 of the Construction Act

6. Consultation of the 3rd task

7. Submission of the 3rd task and assignment of the 4th task - processing of the drawing of the basic division of the territory according to the methodology „Standard of selected parts of the spatial plan“

8. Consultation of the 4th task, urban concepts and practical examples in SW GIS

9. Consultation of the 4th task, concept of public infrastructure and landscape layout with practical examples in SW GIS

10. Submission of the 4th task and assignment of the 5th last task - evaluation of the occupation of agricultural land and forests according to the methodology

11. Consultation of the 5th task and debate on the processes in the framework of the acquisition of the spatial plan.

12. Consultation of the 5th task and practical exercises on spatial analyzes in GIS.

13. Submitting the 5th task and awarding credits.

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to prepare students for the practical performance of the procurment and design of spatial planning tools.

Study materials:

!Zákon č. 183/2006 Sb., zákon o územním plánování a stavebním řádu (stavební zákon)

!Vyhláška č. 500/2006 Sb., vyhláška o územně analytických podkladech, územně plánovací dokumentaci a o způsobu evidence územně plánovací činnosti

!Vyhláška č. 501/2006 Sb., vyhláška o obecných požadavcích na využívání území

!Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe, Reimer M., London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-415-72724-2

?Zákon č. 500/2004 Sb. (správní řád)

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