Management of Hydraulic Schemes

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142PRVD Z,ZK 5 3P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Ladislav Satrapa
Miroslav Brouček, Tomáš Dally, Pavel Fošumpaur, Martin Horský, Martin Králík, Petr Nowak, Ladislav Satrapa, Milan Zukal
Miroslav Brouček, Tomáš Dally, Pavel Fošumpaur, Martin Horský, Martin Králík, Petra Nešvarová Chvojková, Petr Nowak, Ladislav Satrapa, Milan Zukal
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Organisational and technical aspects of operation of water works in the Czech Republic, state administration of water works. Handling and operating regulations. Categorisation of water works. Monitoring and supervision of waterworks, waterworks failures and special floods. Reliability of water works. Issues of winter operation of streams, reservoirs and waterworks, ice phenomena and processes on streams, reservoirs and waterworks and management and active influence of the winter regime. Surface water quality in streams and reservoirs, modelling and management of water quality in reservoirs, temperature and oxygen regime of reservoirs. Operation of hydropower plants, surface water permits, operating regimes of continuous, peak-load and pumped storage hydropower plants. Failure conditions and their treatment. Reconstruction and modernisation of dams, weirs and navigation facilities. Optimisation of operations, damages and risks. Relationship between hydraulic structure operations and the surrounding environment, environmental impact assessment of hydraulic structures.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1 - State administration in water management

2 - Supervision of water works, water law

3 - Ice phenomena and winter regime of waterworks

4 - Surface water quality, modelling and water quality management

5 - Monitoring of fill and concrete structures

6 - Operation of hydropower plants, water level control

7 - Measurements on physical models

8 - Typical tasks in water works reconstruction

9 - Reliability of water works, reliability improvement

10 - Knowledge systems, GIS

11 - Interaction between water works and the environment

12 - Safety of water works, assessment of water works during floods

13 - Excursions to the Vltava River Basin dispatching

Syllabus of tutorials:

1 - demonstration of the physical model in the laboratory

2 - Task 1 - elaboration of an outline of the handling and operating rules

3 - Task 2 - categorization of the water works, calculations of breaking waves

4 - Task 3 - heat balance, temperature regime of water flow, heat loss from water surface, ice phenomena, influence of ice phenomena by controlling outflow from reservoir

5 - Task 4 - analysis of the possible influence of winter conditions on the operation of the waterworks (ice floes, thawing)

6 - Task 5 - equipping the waterworks and catchment with a monitoring system

7 - Task 6 - simulation of PID level controller

8 - Task 7 - measurements on the physical model of the combined object in the VH laboratory

9 - Task 8 - selection of parameters for the design of key operational elements of the hydraulic structure, analysis of the hydraulic structure parts with regard to modelling possibilities for the design phase of the hydraulic structure reconstruction and modernisation

10 - demonstration of models in the hydraulic engineering laboratory

11 - Task 9 - Simplified risk analysis in the pilot area - costs and compensation of flood easements

12 - Task 10 - preparation of input data and parameters for EIA assessment on the pilot project

13 - Task consultation

Study Objective:

To familiarize students with the operation of hydraulic schemes, both theoretically and practically. To teach students how to define questions related to the operation of water works and to find answers to them leading to specific organisational and technical solutions.

Study materials:

compulsory literature:

-Technickobezpečnostní dohled nad vodními díly, vybrané informace pro vodoprávní úřady a vlastníky vodních děl, 2014, Ministerstvo zemědělství ČR, 71 s. ISBN 978-80-7434-160-1

-Votruba,L.-Heřman,J. 1993. Spolehlivost vodohospodářských děl, ČMT, Praha, 488 s. ISBN 80-209-0251-1

recommended literature:

-Tanchev, L.: Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures, Taylor&Francis, London 2014, ISBN 978-1-138-00006-3

-Zákon o vodách č. 254/2001 Sb., 2010

-Vyhláška Ministerstva zemědělství ze dne 14. prosince 2001 o technickobezpečnostním dohledu nad vodními díly, 2010, 12 s.

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Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)
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