Foundations 2

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135ZS02 Z,ZK 4 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Josef Jettmar
Josef Jettmar, Daniel Jirásko, Jan Masopust
Linda Černá Vydrová, Daniel Jirásko, Jan Salák
Department of Geotechnics

The course deepens the knowledge from the previous course ZS1. It covers design principles, risks associated with the foundation of structures, deeper design of flat foundations, deeper design of deep foundations, negative casing friction of drilled piles, grouting (calculations and execution), construction pits, improvement of foundation soils.


Knowledge of the requirements of ZS01, Geomechanics 1 and Geomechanics 2.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, literature

Overview of the elements of building foundation

Risks associated with the establishment of buildings

Principles of geotechnical design (EC 7)

Limit state principle

Geotechnical categories

Design situations

Methods of designing foundation structures

2. Surface foundations - overview, design principles

Flat foundations - loads in the foundation joint

Slab foundations - determination of contact stresses in z.s.

Limit state of bearing capacity (drained and undrained conditions)

Serviceability limit state

Settlement of slab foundations

3. Deep foundations - overview of elements

Wells and caissons

Piles and their distribution

Bridge foundations - principles for bridge foundations

Examples of bridge foundations

4. Axial capacity of single piles

Load tests of piles

Calculation of axial capacity of single piles (1.m.s.)

Ultimate load curve

Non-linear settlement theory of drilled piles

Negative casing friction of drilled piles

Group of piles loaded by axial forces

5. Laterally loaded piles

Determination of the bearing capacity of laterally loaded piles

Pile groups, static design options

6. Micropiles (according to EN 14199)

Anchors (according to EN 1537)

Implementation technology

Methods for determining the bearing capacity

7. Classic grouting (according to EN 12715)

Jet grouting (according to EN 12716)

Underground walls (according to EN 1538)

Implementation technology

Examples of the use of these structures

8. Construction pits and their types

Examples of shafted construction pits

Technology of shoring construction pits (nailing, retaining walls, pile walls,

micropile walls, underground walls, sheet pile walls)

9. Principles for the design and assessment of shoring structures

Loads on shoring structures

Earth pressure

Effects of free and ground water

Other loads

10. Calculation of arm structures (beam model with predetermined loads,

Beam model - dependent pressure method, plane problem - FEM)

External and internal stability of anchored arm structures

11. Principles of drainage of construction pits

Principle of the perfect well

Methods for determining the filtration coefficient

Surface and subsurface dewatering

12. Retaining structures - division of these structures

Retaining walls, frame walls, cladding walls

Loads on retaining structures

Calculation and design of retaining structures

13. Improvement of foundation soil properties

Overview of methods for improving the properties of foundation soils

Gravel cushions

Dynamic consolidation, vibroflotation

Gravel pillars, design purpose, implementation technology

Examples of gravel pillar design and assessment

Syllabus of tutorials:

It corresponds to the outline of the lectures.

Study Objective:

Deepening of knowledge from the subject ZS 1.

Study materials:

Masopust, Jan.: Zakládání staveb 1, ČVUT Praha 2018, ISBN 978-80-01-05837-4

Masopust, Jan.: Zakládání staveb 2, ČVUT Praha 2016, ISBN 978-80-01-05938-8

Masopust, Jan a kol.: Rizika prací speciálního zakládání staveb, ČKAIT Praha 2011, ISBN 978-80-87438-10-7

Masopust, Jan: Navrhování základových a pažicích konstrukcí, ČKAIT Praha 2020, ISBN 978-80-88265-12-2

Further information:
externí informace: www.zakladani.cz
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