Managament in Construction Company 1

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126MF1 Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech
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Department of Construction Management and Economics

The course provides a general overview of the problems of a business in the construction industry. The student is familiar with and works actively with concepts of strategy, strategic analysis, management - top, middle and operational; planning at all levels and implementation plans, organizational structure, company management levels, controlling, human resources management, marketing, process and project management, risk management in the company.


Submission of the work within the prescribed time and scope (see Moodle system).

Compulsory attendance in class, maximum 3 excused absences.

Continuous correction of work and checking during the course.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Fundamentals of management theory, areas of management, manager, managerial skills at different levels of management

2) Legal forms of companies + basic accounting statements

3) Organizing, organizational structure and organizational design, communication

4) Market environment, Situational analysis of the market environment

5) Planning and decision-making at individual levels of management

6) HRM, Staffing (human resources), delegation, motivation, remuneration

7) Communication management systems and information systems in construction companies

8) Change management and project management and project management

9) Process management - Lean, Six Sigma

10) Controlling

11) Risk and crisis management

12) Basics of marketing

Syllabus of tutorials:

Establishment of the construction company - see Moodle

Study Objective:

Acquaint students with business management with an emphasis on the specifics of the construction industry.

Study materials:

Moodle e-learning

TAUŠL PROCHÁZKOVÁ, P., JELÍNKOVÁ, E. Podniková ekonomika - klíčové oblasti. 1. vyd.Praha : Grada, 2018. ISBN 978-80-271-0689-9.

SYNEK M. et al. Manažerská ekonomika. 5 vyd. Praha : Grada. 2011. ISBN 978-80-247-3494-1.

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